Dating Ourselves

Because sometimes you're your favorite person.
Emily and I are fans of The X-Files. During our date night at Valentine’s on Tuesday we noticed this piece of wood. Wait… is that??? Can’t be.
Or can it?
We want to believe.

Emily and I are fans of The X-Files. During our date night at Valentine’s on Tuesday we noticed this piece of wood. Wait… is that??? Can’t be.

Or can it?

We want to believe.

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Emily’s First Date: Come Gather Round us

Location: Mississippi Studios.

I bought myself a drink, brought it into the studio, walked into a throng of extremely tall, thin bespectacled people whose gender could not be told by their hair length or body shape but could be told by whether their clothes came from Anthropologie and the severity of their lipstick. I may not be ready for a photo shoot at the drop of a hat, but I spend way less money on clothes and enjoy way more food.

Unfamiliar as I was with the band playing, I was compelled into an increasingly  strange round robin with a nice gentleman who introduced himself and asked how I knew of the band? I said I was unfamiliar with the band. Oh, did I come with friends? No, I came alone. Why was I here alone without knowing the band? Was I with coworkers? No, I just decided to come. But I didn’t know the band? No, I just wanted to have an evening of music. So…I was traveling “without a wolf pack?” Yes, I said, that’s it exactly. I’m a lone wolf.

Ernie, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I didn’t take you up on a drink after the concert - you were very nice and gentlemanly and I did enjoy talking with you. You were right: despite their heartfelt pretension, I did end up enjoying the music, as I too secretly love music that is one hipster-notoriety rung from scoring the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Especially this:

We had a date together tonight at Valentine’s. We drank and sat in the sun and talked about previous relationships and current ones. Then we discovered the upcoming post…

First date - Shannon dating Shannon:

I ran across an avocado soup recipe. 

Recipe as follows: avocado, creme fraiche, Dungeness crab, lots of love. 

So I made it. And it was awesome.

I lit some candles (thank you Ikea), bought some hydrangeas and sunflowers, and set the table. While I was making dinner: The Fugees. While I was posting this: No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom.

Thank you 90s.

What this date accomplished: Gave me the chance to drink some wine and sing (I have a terrible voice). I cooked a meal probably unsatisfactory to everyone but myself. Fresh flowers = so cool. Time alone enjoying food I made is awesome.

I finished the night with a bubble bath, glass of cold white wine, and The X-Files. 



More bread please.

Dating yourself? Really?

Yep. It’s awesome. Trust us. We (Emily and Shannon) decided that once a week having a date with yourself is probably a healthy thing to do, especially since that time Shannon wanted to see that movie about Yves Saint Laurent and her boyfriend was willing to but not exactly stoked about the idea… Dating yourself is a good thing. Take yourself out on a date. Go see that movie you want to see, go take yourself out for a drink at that place you’ve had your eye on, go see that band you are embarrassed to say you really love, pick yourself a flower… just go for it. Treat yourself. Be happy, content, and comfortable being alone. 

Have a glass of champagne and as much free bread as you want.

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